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Haiwei is leading video streaming solutions provider in China mainly for broadcast webcaster Multimedia platform sports IPTV operator IPTV project for Hotel/ enterprises military project and city’s construction. Haiwei provides SDK for integration project can be tailored to each customer's unique market needs and developed software for different use mainly including “IP finder” “Multi devices manager””APP for smartphone”.

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More than 15 professional engineer and30 personnel for customer service to commit 5minutes to customer

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Over the years, Haiwei has served Wowza.

Haiwei aims to be the leader of the audio& video hardware industry, we provide superior and innovative hardware, professional and complete tech support, effective and perfect solution, patient and gratifying customer service.

September 19,2023
You don’t know the video decoder test

Since h.264 has greater complexity and non-linearity compared with mpeg-2, the test of video decoder is always daunting. The decoding process depends on an infinite number of content, and it’s almost impossible to meet a particular content through random interoperability tests. Use the tool...

September 19,2023
The development status of digital codec

Our high quality digital codec industry for many years to keep steady and rapid growth, digital codec technology innovation ability, support the leading role of economic and social development. In recent years, in the context of profound adjustment of the world economy and the upgrading of domest...

September 19,2023
The difference between VBR& CBR encoding mode

CBR (Constant bit rate) & VBR (Variable bit rate) are supported by Haiwei video encoder, so what are differences between CBR and VBR? What is the best selection for different situation?     If enable CBR, it would taken less bandwidth when video bitrate is fluctuating, but the vide...

September 19,2023
SRT Protocol: What is it and how does it work?

SRT is a widely supported and highly performant video and audio streaming protocol suitable for multiple use cases and industries.

October 30,2023
HEVC (H.265) vs. AVC (H.264): What’s the Difference?

Should I stream in H.264 or H.265? Live streaming in H.265 will provide you with a higher-quality image while using less bandwidth. So, if possible, stream in H.265. Does H.265 reduce quality? No. It will give you higher quality when the network speed is lower. Does H.265 use more CPU? Yes. You'll use more CPU when you try to stream in H.265 from a computer.

December 18,2023
What Is Video Capture Card?

Video capture card is a video signal processing device with a video input interface, which can transmit the processed video signal to a computer notebook. There are built-in and external types.

January 03,2024
HAIWEI Passed CCC, CE, FCC, ROHSand Other Domestic and Overseas Resource Certifications
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