Is there a problem with the communication network?


1. You can test the IP address or domain name address of the PING remote device and judge the network status through the PING on-off information.

2. If the network condition is not good, it may be a problem with the network line or network congestion in the router. You can try to restart the remote router and encoder device to re-dial the connection and access. 

3. If the network communication is normal, but the video cannot be accessed at this time, it is recommended to replace the front-end router to try to solve the problem.

There is a problem with the operation of the equipment and it cannot operate normally?

Solution: Try to connect to the device in the local area network. If you still cannot access it, there may be a problem with the device hardware. At this time, you can observe the operating status of the device's status light. Under normal operation, the CPU light and DSP light should be flashing regularly. Or in an abnormal state.

The remote encoder has a firewall at the front end of the Internet. Is the relevant video port closed or the UDP video forwarding protocol closed?

Solution: Contact the network administrator to understand the current network environment of the device, open the network video port required by the network encoder, and enable possible network protocol restrictions and other functions.

When previewing the encoder video image remotely through the IE interface, registration fails due to network reasons or TVS is busy, and the video cannot be connected?

Solution: There may be a firewall on the PC side of this machine, and the video preview port is closed. Close the firewall and try to connect again.

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