YH10S-2 Streaming Media Servery

Protocol:HTTP,RTSP,RTMP,ONVIF,UDP,HLS multicast,unicast

Coding standard:H.264

Encoded size:640*360~1920*1080

Video bit rate:Rate control: CBR/VBR 16KBIT/S~12MBIT/S

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With the development of network live broadcast, how to solve the application scene of streaming media distribution is the focus of live broadcast industry, such as hotel IPTV, advertising, live broadcast training in enterprises, live broadcast in scenic spots, live broadcast of prison system, campus network teaching, teaching video recording, intranet live broadcast, etc. Meet the relevant application scenarios of lightweight streaming media live broadcast systems, streaming media forwarding systems, and video live broadcast systems etc.


YH10S-2 streaming media live server adopts the latest ARM hardware embedded chip architecture, which is a high-performance, high-reliability and high-concurrency streaming media server. It supports multi-protocol and multi-format video streaming distribution, and solves the application scenarios of streaming media system distribution at low cost. Support live distribution, video file rotation, recording and storage, file download and other streaming media services, compatible with all the mainstream network cameras, encoders, video host, network radio front-end acquisition equipment etc




  • Advanced technical architecture:The latest ARM hardware embedded chip architecture and the security and stability of the Linux operating system have unparalleled advantages over the X86 architecture. The interface is friendly and easy to understand, easy to use and operate, supports remote configuration, and supports up to 800 channels of 2Mbps video streams. Concurrent access and forwarding
  • Support live distribution, video file forwarding, recording storage, file download and many other streaming media services, high performance, large concurrent design, to ensure higher efficiency of audio and video streaming media distribution.
  • Install-free plug-ins: H5 technical framework is supported. Users do not need to download any client or plug-in. Cross-platform supports mainstream terminals such as PC, Android and iOS Apple. Browsers directly watch and support all mainstream browsers in the current market such as Chrome / Firefox / IE11 / Edge / Safari, and are compatible with all operating systems.
  • It supports the access of various front-end camera equipment currently on the market, including: video encoders, network cameras, SLR cameras, professional cameras, recording hosts, network directors, DVR NVR etc. It also supports various computer/mobile live streaming software.etc
  • High efficiency and low latency by embedded DSP pure hardware solution
  • Supports concurrent access and restreaming of up to 800 channels of 2Mbps video streams

Access protocol HLS/ RTSP/ RTMP/ HTTP/ RTP/ SRT/ UDP

  • Output protocol RTMP/ HLS/ RTP/ RTSP/ UDP
  • RTMP server supports various streaming media servers, like Youtube,Facebook,Wowza, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and so
  • The ONVIF devices and their accessible address can be loadedby searching it under


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