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Wide application of wireless encoder

Wide application of wireless encoder

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Nowadays, outdoor live broadcast has gradually become a new live broadcast trend, but the most suitable for outdoor live broadcast is the wireless encoder. Let’s take a look at the application of the wireless encoder.

wireless encoder

The product supports a high-definition HDMI audio and video collection function, and a 3.5mm independent audio interface acquisition function.     

Network video live broadcast and video conferencing have become popular, and more and more enterprises of wireless encoders have made product launches through the network, which can better promote products on the network. Network applications such as live video broadcasts require video encoders and other products. With the development of technology and the improvement of wireless network technology, related video live broadcast devices have also launched wireless video products. The wireless video encoder is not limited by location, because the encoded video information is transmitted and transmitted by using WIFI, so the encoder only needs to be placed in the vicinity of the related video equipment such as HDMI, and the video transmission can be realized without affecting the transmission of the video. Without being subject to the layout of the network cable. Wireless encoders have been widely used in modern residential areas, transportation, water conservancy, shipping, security, fire protection and other fields.

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Sep-28-2018 HAIWEI