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Webcast essential h.264 encoder

Webcast essential h.264 encoder

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The webcast requires the h.264 encoder. This is because when the network is just emerging, the video cannot be transmitted over the network at first, because the uncompressed video data is quite large, and a one-minute video can occupy several g. Space, so the previous network transmission speed is difficult to display video content quickly. In fact, before the H.264 algorithm has appeared, the video is usually only transmitted using the CD as a medium.

The network live broadcast encoder has soft coding and hard coding. The soft coding refers to the professional computer software that can complete the video coding function. For example, OBS also utilizes the H.264 encoding algorithm. If a software encoder is used, high-definition acquisition is required. The card first transmits the video information collection processing to the computer for live broadcast. Hard coding refers to a hardware device with a professional video encoding chip, which can be connected to a video source device and a network cable, and can directly transmit the encoded content through the Internet. It is more efficient than soft coding.

H.264 encoder

The h.264 encoder is a professional video data encoding device with H.264 encoding algorithm as the core. It can encode the video content input into the HD camera and other related devices into the amount of data that the network can carry in a short time. Push to the remote video server to achieve rapid propagation of network video. Therefore, doing live broadcast requires a live webcast encoder.

The network live broadcast encoder can receive high-definition digital signals output by high-definition cameras, set-top boxes, and computer mainframes through HDMI and SDI video input interfaces. After receiving the video signal, the encoder can encode the video information through the built-in professional video processor. After the encoder is processed, it can be pushed to the live broadcast server through the WIFI network.

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