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The role of video decoder in surveillance system

The role of video decoder in surveillance system

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Nowadays, the era of rapid development of technology, monitoring technology is also becoming more and more perfect, video decoder is the core part of the monitoring system. Let’s take a look at the role of video decoder in the monitoring system.

Currently, H.264 is the most commonly used compression standard for HD video codecs. The same is the H.264 encoding technology, but because of the different chip processing capabilities, the picture quality that can be achieved is not the same. The codec capability developed by some enterprises can only meet the high efficiency compression ratio under low bandwidth, and it is difficult to encounter high bandwidth. As we all know, 1080p/60 frames are the ultimate in full HD images, while Haiwei video uses a dedicated video processing chip with an end-to-end transmission delay of less than or equal to 2 frames (eg less than 40ms at 60fps).

Video decoder

1channel IP input, 1channel HDMI& VGA output, 1ch audio output.
Completely support 1080p 60(No fluctuating.

Therefore, the video decoder of the surveillance system is not small, so don’t underestimate this small HD video decoder. However, you want high-definition, low-latency video surveillance. Of course, this HD video codec is bound to have The device is gone.

In general, the role of the video decoder of the surveillance system is to compress the large video information and then transmit it in wired or wireless network communication. The compressed video information will be much smaller than the original one, which is reduced. Video transmission time. Then decompress it in the terminal, and the decompressed video can be clearly displayed on the screen.

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