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Do you know the product classification of the video codec?

Do you know the product classification of the video codec?

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Although the video codec is not a tool that everyone must equip, all of us are enjoying the good life it brings, because you can see the video through the decoding and encoding of the video codec and signal transmission. Live programs for high-definition, real-time entertainment. Therefore, many websites and media that make video programs use various types of video encoders to encode recorded programs or live programs. So what are the product categories for video codecs?

wireless WIFI encoder

Protocol:HTTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, RTMP, HLS, UDP multicast, unicast Coding standard:H.265 / H.264 Encoded size:Up to 1920*1080 60FPS

1, wireless WIFI encoder

This is a high-definition video encoder with WIFI function. When the video codec manufacturer produces this type of encoder, in order to facilitate network transmission, wireless WIFI function is adopted, and an independent audio interface is used for sound collection. So it is more convenient to use.

2, HD video encoder

High-definition video encoders can be subdivided into multiple models. Different types of HD video encoders have some differences in video coding level, video bit rate, audio sampling rate, network protocol, etc, so the applicable fields also have different focuses. Therefore, when enterprises need to use such an encoder, they must choose the appropriate model according to their own needs.

3, HD video decoder

In order to meet the needs of various live programs, the video decoder supports high-definition HDMI, VGA audio and video capture, encoding can output dual-stream format, and the code rate can be adjusted according to actual needs, so that the output can be Picture quality is controlled.

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