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Transparent LED display for unobstructed creativity

Transparent LED display for unobstructed creativity

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In high-luxury and fashion brand stores, transparent LED display has become a “new darling”, creative visual experience, bringing out the brand’s fashion style, the demand for fashion creativity is driving, and the application market is impressive; with high transparency, transparent LED The display can easily create a smart, translucent aesthetic, and the visual penetrability, LED self-illumination and other characteristics also bring its own fashion, technology and futuristic, popular in the creative display, high-end display field. This is the most fashionable transparent world now!

For example, at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and the Guangzhou Auto Show, transparent LED displays compete with new car products at major auto brand booths – many auto brands choose transparent LED electronic screens to decorate their booths and broadcast car ads to highlight brands and cars. Avant-garde and technological sense.

The principle of transparent LED display, which is based on the traditional LED display, adopts aluminum profile box and ultra-thin PCB board as the bracket structure, the light bar louver type is arranged in parallel, and uses certain lighting technology to make the illumination angle and PCB The surface is illuminated in parallel, so that the indoor lighting is not affected, and the transparency of the frame is hardly seen in the distance.

Transparent LED display features,

1. Ultra-high transparency:

Transparency can reach 65%-95%, and almost no screen is visible from 3 meters away, which will undoubtedly give space designers more room to play.

2. Modular assembly: According to the pixel requirements of the target use scene, the standard modules are used to assemble large screens of various sizes, and the installation between the modules is simple and convenient, and only needs two hands to operate.

3, light weight, easy to transport: all the structure and weight of the transparent LED display add up to about 12kg per square meter, which is half lighter than the traditional display quality, which greatly reduces the transportation cost, and also facilitates the construction of the venue stage.

4, high brightness, low energy consumption: high-quality transparent LED display is using high-efficiency LED lights, which has already greatly reduced energy consumption, and because of the screen transparent features, the playback content can use more black background, not only will play The picture is more transparent and looks good, and the screen is not illuminated by default on a black background, which can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% compared to traditional LED displays.

5, remote cluster control: transparent LED display can play any video and image format, you can use the cloud control software to achieve remote control of all outlets, monitor and update the playback content, to ensure that the advertising content is updated in real time.

6, transparent LED display cost:

The cost of a transparent LED display is determined by the pixel spacing. The price per square meter ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. The smaller the pixel, the clearer the picture and the higher the price.

The new transparent LED display in the consumer market has opened up a new application field and has broad market prospects. It is especially suitable for fashion store design and creative media. It caters to the needs of an emerging market and successfully creates a high quality product. Display resources. The emergence of transparent LED displays has expanded the application layout of LED displays to various development markets for architectural glass curtain walls and commercial retail windows, and has become a new trend in the development of new media.

The transparent LED display that we have made uses the unique screen display technology and the transparent structure of the screen to form a three-dimensional realistic and virtual ideal space. It can also use multi-screen common display to make the space image move and make it transparent. The LED screen is integrated with the real scene, and compared with the two-dimensional scene effect of the traditional LED display, it presents a three-dimensional sense of space and realism, and visually continues to bring new ideas to the audience while allowing the audience to be there. Whether it is from a close-up perspective, it is true and true, showing a perfect transparent display.

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