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Qubo founder Du ke chao:technical decisions mobile live s...

Qubo founder Du ke chao:technical decisions mobile live success or failure

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Abstract:recently, the interest on the founder Du Ke chao, the CTO Wan Lei accepted China IDC circle reporter’s interview, illustrates in detail in the rapid development of mobile Internet s interest law of survival.

China IDC circle on March 29, when “in 2016, the first network red” papi sauce to get news from thousands of financing in the circle of friends burst, subject of network red become the focus of each big media scramble to report, make the host also became the present young people pursuit of the boom.To live has been engaged in mobile Internet companies and entrepreneurs, the tuyere has not come easily.Since 2015, live in a large number of mobile App on the market, covering the game, such as social, show multiple scenarios.Among them, the social class live App alone there are more than 50.But by brand differentiation, technical architecture, operation and maintenance, and other factors, so far the user scale can reach millions of level such as rare, and interest is the most famous of these.

QUBO is the first company in the domestic mobile phone video broadcast technology was applied to the product of the social field, launched in May 2015, the number of users has reached 2 million.With previous images, text, voice and other forms of social and live shows, fun more emphasis on social function, pay more attention to build a real social space.We have learned, mainly concentrated in the interest of user groups between after 95-00.Interesting information, to satisfy the users are in adolescence strong demand for dating, so fast becoming a new generation of young group of the most popular live mobile App.

Recently, the interest on the founder Du Ke chao, the CTO Wan Lei accepted China IDC circle reporter’s interview, illustrates in detail in the rapid development of mobile Internet s interest law of survival.

 Du Ke chao

      Mobile broadcast technology is the basis, the user experience is a core pain points

Network transmission, decoding, network optimization and optimization of the technical key points of this is live, such as the power consumption in addition to mobile phones, wireless and wired network stability.Du Ke super said: “the time has come for a mobile broadcast live, live in the mobile technology is the foundation, live technical threshold is very high.”
       QUBO CTO Wan Lei introduction: “85% of people are accustomed to using WIFI at home to watch live broadcast, the rest of the users to use 3 g or 4 g. The WIFI signal is not stable, first-tier cities relative to three or four line city will be better, but the overall effect of the user experience is very poor, mainly is the user experience on the spot.”Video broadcast domain is at the core of spot user experience, namely low latency and caton.

Winning speed, full improve the user experience live

In recent years, with the popularity of cloud computing, cloud CDN conveniently become the user’s preferred.Cloud CDN than traditional CDN, whether it is architecture, technology, performance and stability have greatly ascend, and much more on the costs and benefits.It is reported, in the aspect of CDN boring has 80% of the business into the kingsoft cloud group.
Wan Lei said: “the most boring on support in the field of streaming media is the kingsoft cloud group, working with kingsoft cloud group after a lot of fun play the entire user experience ascension, before the video card in 3 or 4 seconds, now basically all within 1 second. The cloud is the most intuitive effect after the original more than 1000 people in a room, can accommodate more than 3000 people now.”The reporter understands, in terms of players, kingsoft cloud group technical staff will help resolve boring seeding caton, seconds, take a series of problems, such as, the reaction speed, and are customized according to demand changes.
It is reported that this year the Internet giants have spent heavily into mobile video broadcast domain, while the kingsoft cloud group as early as the second half of last year put forward “universal mobile broadcast has come” point of view, and began to invest a lot of resources, and support the headlines today suffered last year 9.3 video live broadcast of the parade of big traffic impact, has accumulated rich experience.At the beginning of this mobile broadcast approaching, every head start.
Kingsoft cloud group across the country have SiWuBaiGe node, wide coverage.In fact, the stand or fall of product, the user is the most say, like boring on startup is an urgent need to win the speed.As is known to all, kingsoft cloud group with deep accumulation in the area of cloud game, on the custom service do scenario-based accumulated certain experience, also has the very strong technical advantages.The reporter understands from jinshan video cloud head, kingsoft cloud group currently provided by the cloud service mainly includes basic cloud service, storage, and video cloud, including video cloud is one of the main product line, but also the key power this year, the object, after the government affairs, medical and other fields will also launch action.

Live always has the lifeblood of survival – against pornography

Recently, adultury and frequent spread bad information on the Internet, suddenly pushed some video sites into the forefront, administration of radio, film and also increase the intensity of punishment.For filter bad information, interest has his own way.Du Ke super said: “the first is to create a green and healthy community atmosphere. After 95-00 thought is relatively simple, young, influenced by school education, particularly strong sense of moral integrity, slightly large scale users will report, the content of the boring seeding without too much pornography on the growth of the soil; 7 * 24 hours the machine + artificial audit guide yellow.”
Is boring team probably around have more than 20 people, more than 10 technology, 4-5 products, more than 10 operations.Start-ups in technology cannot be completely hands-on, especially in the process of video broadcast in a pornographic video filters work.Boring says, this year will use kingsoft video YunJian yellow scheme, and in the recording, storage will also strengthen cooperation with kingsoft cloud group.
In the live broadcast is not social, not APP, no live mobile Internet s, live will become a standardized functions exist in each APP, all and all this leave the underlying technology support.

Jinshan video cloud deployment architecture diagram interpretation and analysis:

Deployment architecture

      Deployment Architecture Analysis Interpretation:

This architecture can be implemented: live at the ends of the push-pull flow stability in the process of ascension, to achieve rapid deployment, live streaming real-time generate on-demand files, decrease the cost of operations, development and hardware.
Push hard and soft plait fusion scheme flow, fully compatible with the current iOS, Android mobile terminal hundreds of mainstream mobile phone market.Provide a network adapter (adaptive) features and guarantee on flow stability.In addition, support mirror, log, skin care, audio, audio-visual double thread double input, mixing, etc.
Source station adopt push flow authentication mechanism, can the flows through public, private matching customer business needs;Live streaming directly to request file, implement multi-node storage, video stitching, video watermark, live capture function, can realize turn will broadcast on demand of seamless docking;Supports RTMP RTMP, HLS, HDL in agreement;Source self-built BGP 8 line machine room, stand for good bandwidth resources guarantee of push-pull flow stability and smooth.
Universal coverage mobile broadcast by the player, support the hard and soft decoding way, under the condition of the network jitter, automated lost frames, live streaming pursued, network code rate adaptive mechanisms, such as guarantee customers the best playback experience.Additional support for h. 265, log, mute, switch the background, audio-visual double thread, etc.

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