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Mobile video encoder, you should use it like this

Mobile video encoder, you should use it like this

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With the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, the demand for mobile live broadcast encoders is also growing, so how to use mobile video encoders to build live broadcasts? Here’s a brief introduction to Haiwei Video.

The mobile video encoder is capable of encoding video and audio signals collected by cameras, pickups and the like through a built-in professional video processor, and is sent to a network video server through a network. The amount of data without compressed video source information is very large, especially for high-definition video sources. The more high-definition devices, the more details are displayed, the greater the amount of data, the more video needs to be transmitted on the network. The mobile video encoder compresses the original huge amount of data to reduce redundant information, thereby implementing network transmission.

In the field of live broadcasting, mobile video encoders can be said to be very popular devices and are widely used in professional fields. To do a live broadcast, these steps are generally required:

1. Obtain the RTMP uplink address and downlink viewing address from the live cloud server platform.

2. Image quality setting and uplink address setting for mobile video encoder

3. On-site network speed test, adjust the picture quality code for the test result and the target user’s network environment, including the mainstream code setting and the secondary stream coding setting.

4. Connect the collection device and the cloud guide station, and connect to the network for live broadcast test.

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