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Letv cloud cloud of global service-Clout Live,Top technol...

Letv cloud cloud of global service-Clout Live,Top technology full exposure

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Abstract: in the international consumer electronics exhibition, each big enterprise to participate to show the world the latest products and technologies, Letv cloud is in full preparation.It is reported, 2016 CES will with VR/AR, enhanced application such as car audio/video, drones and wisdom as the focus of the exhibition.

In the international consumer electronics exhibition, each big enterprise to participate, to show the world the latest products and technologies, Letv cloud is in full preparation. It is reported, 2016 CES will with VR/AR, enhanced application such as car audio/video, drones and wisdom as the focus of the exhibition.It is not hard to see, in order to carry video intelligent hardware or service becomes more and more important in the user’s experience.So Letv cloud as video cloud providers, what are the core in the field of video broadcast technology and advantages, how to service the global video industry, the authors show you a way to solve.

Cloud live full name is Letv live cloud computing service platform, namely Letv cloud.Through Letv cloud computing platform to realize the video live Internet services overall service load, including live video access, transcoding, distribute, played the whole service system.Live through the cloud platform, can build a vertical live Internet applications.

  Often misunderstood 4K

Traditional 4k only TV side, not from the source to the platform to complete 4k.And Letv cloud defined all 4k live broadcast, not only refers to 4k terminal, but ecological Letv cloud of every link of 4k, i.e., the content (4k + 4k making) + platform (4k cloud cloud storage to upload, 4k, 4k cloud transcoding, 4k cloud transport) (4k) + + application terminal decoding broadcast (4k + 4k).

Currently, Letv live cloud of cloud services have to billions of users worldwide to provide high-definition video experience without caton, average daily level dynamic terminal speed equipment, can support tens of millions of concurrent users, daily average of 2 billion people, thanks to Letv cloud the global strategic layout: early 650 CDN nodes, 10 -tbps bandwidth, covered five continents and more than 60 countries and regions.If the United States basketball game needs to be done to cover Asia, Europe and so on many international broadcast, Letv Cloud can accelerate intelligent scheduling global CDN nodes, not only can be controlled by the CTO (Cloud Transfer Optimizer) acceleration, grid transmission, multi-dimensional RACI model such as the core technology, brings to Asia, Europe and other international users millisecond response experience of 4 k.Besides, Letv cloud for “the power of walking, at an altitude of 2000 to 4000 meters of complex topography grasslands, forests, valleys, snow-capped mountains, do show broadcast for global users, for the contestants live in wing outfit flight altitude flight, meet the demand of scene broadcast live.

    Live experience,Many kinds of experience

If Letv cloud scene to watch the way let the fragmentation of time become more full, so Letv cloud 360 ° panorama broadcast technology immersion experience, is undoubtedly overturns the traditional video can only be fixed to watch a perspective mode, make speed pace.360 ° panoramic images from Letv cloud 360 ° panoramic recording devices capture of real scene photography, and through Letv cloud SDK panorama function achieve global broadcast, with strong sense of reality.The user can through the PC, mobile end 360 ° no dead Angle free to watch, enjoy the immersive feel.Let users with admiration!

In addition, Letv cloud cloud director platform for global users, support the satellite signal, 3 g and 4 g networks all access, achieving global live much more cameras, namely within a screen can experience from different countries live content at the same time.In scene, depending on the cloud conference 818 Letv cloud is adopted the global broadcast technology, much more cameras can also access from the meeting in Beijing, Shanghai song poetry of cruise ship and the time the multi-channel broadcast images, screen clear fluid, in the process of real-time interactive content acme in real time.If interested in a certain perspective, but also can switch is given priority to, the real do you call the shots your point of view, focus on the screen, rather than passively accept live coverage at the end of the same.

Adjust measures to local conditions, in the most appropriate way to transport

Different countries and regions, networks, bandwidth and terminal differ in thousands ways, how to input definition video all the way into multiple definition for playback, Letv cloud consider is not only fit the demand of the terminal, consider the need of adapter in a multinational environment, to resolve international transport bottlenecks.

Aiming at different terminals, Letv efficient transcoding technology of cloud, cloud can adaptive output bit rate to match the terminal, to ensure smooth video real-time and with terminal the best definition of adaptation;
Aiming at the instability of the network, Letv cloud live to implement dynamic adjustment rate, bit rate range 150 k ~ 10 MBPS: when the network quality is poorer, voluntary reduction in video image clarity, assure the smoothness of video;After the network quality improvement, and can automatically recover high bit rate improve clarity, make users worldwide in the descending speed of ups and downs is always able to get the optimal video experience.

For adaptive transmission in a multinational environment, independent research and development of the CTO Letv Cloud (Cloud Transfer Optimizer) technology to overcome the international link high packet loss, delay, jitter on the influence of network bandwidth, and make full use of network bandwidth effectively, ensure the stable quality of high international live transmission, bring international users without caton experience.

Not only personalized but also customized

Letv cloud providers from live streaming access to all the SDK, customers can convenient to deliver video content into Letv cloud SDK, greatly reducing the costs of docking technology.Based on the international popular mobile applications like Meerkat, Periscope, Letv cloud support iOS, Android SDK access, at the same time, new hard decoding technology, can make CPU usage is reduced by 40%, greatly improve the mobile phone calorific value.Letv cloud according to the different requirements of global and local policy also provide personalized language, terminal adapter SDK, and HTML 5 and globally P2P communication terminal for the first time.In the United States, Letv cloud SDK can support such as television, Apple TV streaming media access, satisfy the customer terminal application.Live in intelligent hardware, Letv cloud support such as VR/AR, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) intelligent hardware SDK access, intelligent hardware broadcast worldwide.

On December 18, 2015, Letv cloud cloud live product won the “2015 IT prominent” cloud computing “outstanding product award” in the field of big data.Currently live Letv cloud services have for yili, snowball, national grand theatre, Benz, bettas, Deng Zi chess concerts, Mr Wang concert provides global, all terminals, such as world no dead Angle and three-dimensional live experience, and through the barrage, sharing, comments, dubbing all-around interactive functions such as the global users.

Meanwhile, in January 2016 music cloud will be announced at the CES global strategy, read more TV plus cloud global deployment, and how to vertically integrated “platforms + content + Terminal + application” eco mode to expand internationally. TV plus cloud looking at the CES Booth (21018) in-depth exchanges and experience sharing with you, inside and outside the world of premium content sharing, and industrial chain to achieve win-win situation!

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