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IPTV/internet TV/Smart TV what is the difference?

IPTV/internet TV/Smart TV what is the difference?

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Broadband network transmit TV information (broadband) as a medium of a kind of system, will be broadcast through the broadband Internet protocol on the transmission of digital TV service to subscribers. Due to the need to use the Internet, IPTV service providers often provide connected to the Internet and IP telephone and other related services.
Actually tell from the technical principle, IPTV is through the broadband network programs on TV.But in our country at present, because of its unique IPTV operation mode has obvious uniqueness.Domestic IPTV main body are telecom operators (telecom, unicom, etc.), is dominated by telecom operators through family watched video in private network of broadband telecommunications value-added services.

IPTV telecom value-added service is operator controlled

Users can not use the stand-alone installation IPTV, telecom operators need to pay value-added service fee to watch content. As compared with the conventional cable TV channels just received a signal from the cable line into the broadband cable. Object pay television services by cable television fees Bureau into the telecom operators.
From the formal point of view, IPTV channels through the addition of broadband networks, but also need to purchase an operator-specific set-top box. Connect to the network through a specified set-top box to access specific content platform. And several Internet TV license providers (Blockbuster Shanghai, Hangzhou, China, CNTV, etc.) to provide on-demand, live content.

Functions of IPTV 

IPTV more additional products as telecoms operators home broadband.And home broadband, home phone, and other products packaging sales.At the beginning of the IPTV overall design, all IPTV set-top box is generally only connection services dedicated network, unable to access the public Internet.Therefore, IPTV content and network TV now than degrees of freedom and openness.But compared with the traditional cable TV, can provide on-demand video, live broadcast, looked back at the IPTV of services such as there are advantages.

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