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Hotel industry for IPTV system solutions

Hotel industry for IPTV system solutions

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Abstract: In the face of different hotels, there is no standard IPTV system solution, and any solution must be made according to the specific situation.

The development of information technology has brought great convenience to all walks of life, and has also freed people from the original limitations. The development of transportation such as high-speed rail transportation has caused people to cross geographical restrictions. Tools such as Ctrip let people go away; the development of the entertainment industry has made people more diversified in the choice of entertainment methods.

For example, before we can only watch the programs broadcast on TV stations, now we are free to choose the programs we like and let the TV become “my TV” instead of “watching TV.” All of these developments are inextricably linked to the IPTV system. Development and improvement.

Today’s IPTV system solutions have many custom components based on basic functionality. I will discuss the hotel industry with IPTV system solutions today.


First, let us explain what the IPTV system is, then introduce the hotel IPTV system solution, as well as some customized content of the hotel industry.

IPTV system features:

One is live TV and the other is video on demand. On-demand can be classified according to different categories, such as TV series, variety, life, children, education, comics, etc.

Live TV broadcasts can include domestic CCTV and mainstream TV. According to the specific situation, there are many TV programs from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or other countries.

The domestic IPTV system is also a commonly used Unicom or Telecom TV box. The advantage is that the private network has better clarity in TV shows, and can also be viewed on demand (watching a few days ago), time shifting (ie fast forward, pause, etc.) (although because it is a private network, on demand) Resource updates are not as timely as OTT.

All of the above are commonly used home IPTV systems or OTT system software functions, and the hotel IPTV system is based on this, combined with the characteristics of the hotel industry to expand. The expansion of the hotel industry of different scales is also different.


Hotel IPTV system solution

For example, some small hotels may only need to expand some hotel welcome screens that will appear when you turn on the TV at the hotel: XX Hotel welcomes you, has the hotel’s own logo, and home-style routines.

For some mid-sized hotels, it may be necessary to make more elaborate customizations on this basis, such as handling logos and some special sections, including hotel introductions, in-hotel ordering, room service and more.

The IPTV system solution for large hotels is more complicated. In addition to the special requirements for start-up, you may also need a special interface to control all the tools in the room, such as room temperature, lighting, hotel introductions and other city reservations, bookings for various facilities in the hotel: such as fitness facilities, there are more Type of room reservation and laundry service room service.

In addition to more internal features, there may be more external contacts, such as ticketing systems, car services, city introductions, recommended neighborhood attractions and other third-party platforms. Of course, you can also have a shopping center and so on.

In short, there are different IPTV system solutions for different hotels. However, from another perspective, for large hotels, the system may not only be called an IPTV system, but a comprehensive software.

As the size of the hotel changes, the proportion of IPTV in the entire system is getting lower and lower, more and more personalized, and requires some hardware support, not just software. The same is true. In the face of different hotels, there is no standard IPTV system solution, and any solution must be carried out according to the specific situation.

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