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What are the advantages of the H.265 encoder?

What are the advantages of the H.265 encoder?

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The H.265 encoder is an encoding device developed for the H.265 video coding standard. Compared with other standard encoders, the H.265 encoder can compress much better under the same bandwidth conditions, so it can provide better quality video image display. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the H.265 encoder.

H.265 encoder

1-channel HD HDMI input, 1-channel audio input. Support HTTP / RTSP / RTP/ TCP / RTMP / FLV/ UDP / ONVIF / HLS protocols.

First, save bandwidth video images are smoother

In the current development of the network, many devices will need bandwidth support. In the process of decoding and transmitting video by the traditional encoder, because the compression ratio is not high, it will occupy a large bandwidth, so if other devices need the network at the same time, In the case, there will be a phenomenon of stuttering. However, the H.265 encoder has a high compression ratio and a correspondingly small occupied bandwidth, so that smoother video images can be transmitted under the same bandwidth environment.

Second, the technology advanced video images are clearer

Because the H.265 encoder uses advanced algorithms, the level definition used in the algorithm can define the external environment, and the category definition can be used to specify the complexity of different application environments for specific applications. . The definition of these algorithms ensures a clearer video image with equal bandwidth requirements, memory requirements, and network performance.

Third, fault-tolerant video images are more continuous

Although the current network technology is very developed, there are occasions when some networks are unstable, and the H.265 encoder has strong fault tolerance. It can compensate when the network is unstable and packet loss occurs. Provide continuous and smooth high quality images.

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