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ARM: single-chip 4K H.265 encoder and decoder to get the ...

ARM: single-chip 4K H.265 encoder and decoder to get the world’s first!

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ARM, As leader of graphics solution provider, launched a new video encoder Mali-V550, display controller Mali-DP550.
V550 is the world’s first single-core single-chip encoder which can support H.265 format HEVC video encoding, decoding solution (previous V500 is a single-chip H.264 codec), single core can support up to 1080p/60fps, if overlying eight core (limited) can support 4K/ 120fps. and Mali-T800 series as it also increased 10-bit YUV input and output, can be said to make adequate preparations for the 4K Ultra HD.
H.263, MPEG-4, VC-1, VP8, Real, JPEG these formats are also continue to support, and can synchronize multiple video stream encoding and decoding
The new technology introduced “Motion Search Elimination”, which can significantly reduce the action in the video encoder video search, thereby reducing the delay and power consumption. It uses Mali-T700 series intelligent adding free (Transaction Elimination), can be rewritten without changing the recognition and skip video blocks, reduce duplication of encoding.
ARM Mali-DP series is not only a display controller, but also can be used as a simple GPU, the use of fixed hardware to deal with some of the basic tasks, can reduce GPU pressure and power consumption
Specific to Mali-DP550, 4K can also handle the video, can handle some complex synthesis tasks, up to 7 layers, while the previous generation DP500 can only deal with non 4K, at most only 3 layers.
4K does not seem necessary on the phone and tablet, but do not forget that digital TV is one of the main battlefield of ARM Mali
DP550 T800, V550 10-bit YUV, Motion Search Elimination, also added a coprocessor interface, can be directly connected to the third party processor module, but no details have been released. Mali-V550 Mali-DP550 has also been authorized. Open to see the actual product? The fastest by the end of next year.

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